Game of Thrones: How to remember their names (part deux)

(photo: Entertainment Weekly) Well, shit. Just when I thought I could get by with knowing a few characters, last Sunday’s episode happened. The mother of dragons was only in it for like 5 minutes! How am I supposed to flirt my way to the front of the line for coffee when I can’t name that dude that [...] Read on →

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Mark Teems The Walking Dead

Interview with a walker featuring Mark Teems

Going through Walking Dead withdrawals? Check this out. We chatted with former walker, Mark Teems, from AMC’s The Walking Dead to find out what it was like being a part of the hit show. Teems was most notably seen in episodes, 2×03 “Save The Last One” and 2×13 “Beside the Dying Fire”. Read on to [...] Read on →


Game of Thrones Breaker of Chains

Game of Thrones recap: Brother sister bonding

Oh, wow. What a f*cked up episode. In episode 4×03 “Breaker of Chains”, The Hound and Jaime take a step back on the humanity scale, Sansa finds herself in a ‘boatload’ of trouble, Tyrion is doing time for a crime he didn’t commit, Sam puts Gilly in the projects, Dany proves she’s a bad ass [...] Read on →

2 days ago

True Blood Season 7

True Blood season 7 trailer: The end is near

(photo: HBO, inc) Say it ain’t so, y’all! The final season of HBO’s True Blood is just around the corner, and we couldn’t be any sadder about the impending loss of this show. Sure, it got a little hokey and crazy, but we’ll definitely miss it and its’ menagerie of colorful characters. The newly released [...] Read on →

2 days ago

Bob Mahoney/The CW

The Vampire Diaries Music: 5×18 “Resident Evil”

(photo: Bob Mahoney/The CW) Not only was this episode directed by Mr. Paul Wesley himself, it featured some pretty kick ass music (some of which Paul chose). SWEET! Here’s your soundtrack from episode 5×18, “Resident Evil”: 1. Mad World by Sara Hickman: Song playing when Elena is in fantasy land and a page of her journal blows away; [...] Read on →

5 days ago

Game of Thrones recap: Let them eat cake

(photo: HBO) What is it with Game of Thrones and weddings? In this episode we learned what Theon’s been up to, that red-headed witch is still running the show for Stannis, and weddings are not George R. R. Martin’s jam. The end of this episode was so satisfying, let’s just get right down to the dirty deets. [...] Read on →

9 days ago

Sally and Aidan Being Human SyFy Finale

Being Human series finale recap: Farewell and goodnight

(photo: SyFy Network) This will be our last Being Human recap ever. How depressing is that? The episode was beautiful. Just perfect. Executive Producer, Anna Fricke, tweeted that the “series finale tonight is a love letter”, and she wasn’t lying. It left fans of the show satisfied and I’m definitely thankful for that. In the [...] Read on →

15 days ago

Being Human 4x13

Being Human Music: 4×13 “There Goes The Neighborhood Part III”

The series finale of Being Human (SyFy) was beautiful. Equally beautiful, were the songs featured in the episode. Check out the music heard in 4×13, “There Goes The Neighborhood Part III”. 1. Comfortable With The Silence by Andy Shauf: 2. The Sun Will Shine Again Someday by Anders & Kendall: Download the song 3. Blood Red Sentimental Blues by Cotton Jones:  4. Close [...] Read on →

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Game of Thrones: How to remember their names

Photo: Entertainment Weekly  Game of Thrones is undoubtedly one of the best shows on television. It kicks ass, shows a lot of ass, and has some really long, confusing, four-vowels-in-a-row names. If you’re like me, you love the show and want to remember the characters as easily as possible and be able to keep up with [...] Read on →

15 days ago

Game of Thrones Two Swords Joffrey

Game of Thrones recap: Give me all the chickens

(photo: HBO/Game of Thrones) Oh, seven hells! We’re so glad Game of Thrones has returned. The wait was excruciating. Season 4 kicks off with lots of family drama and even some lover’s quarrels. Winter is still coming and vengeance still flows strong in some of our favorite characters. In the season 4 premiere episode, “Two Swords”, [...] Read on →

16 days ago

Being Human SyFy Season 4

Farewell Being Human (SyFy)

(photo: SyFy Network) As you may know, a very terrible and unfortunate event is about to take place. SyFy’s Being Human will air it’s final episode on Monday, April 7th. Saying goodbye to these incredible characters will be tough. Check out these videos as we big farewell to a show we’ve grown to love and [...] Read on →

17 days ago


The Vampire Diaries Recap – 5×17 “Rescue Me”

(photo: The CW Network) We’re in the last stretch of season 5 and it looks like they’re gearing up for a Traveler takeover. In this episode, Caroline and Enzo find Tom in Atlanta, Elena tries to fight her intense feelings for Damon and Jeremy throws up the middle finger to his education. Let’s get right [...] Read on →

17 days ago

Game of Thrones Season 4

8 things we want to happen in Game Of Thrones season 4

(photo: HBO) Today is the day! The long awaited return of HBO’s smash series, Game of Thrones, returns tonight at 9:00. The Season 3 finale certainly left a lot up in the air, with character’s fates unknown and winter still coming. In anticipation of tonight’s season premiere, here are 8 things that will never really [...] Read on →

17 days ago

TeamTSD Wizard World Louisville

TeamTSD takes on Wizard World Louisville 2014

(photo: LP2 Entertainment: TeamTSD) We took on Wizard World Louisville Comic Con and had a freaking blast. We did our Dead Fans Walking Panel and our Vampire Diaries/Originals fan panel, plus we held our first scavenger hunt where the winner received a custom Walking Dead piece by artist, Rob Prior. Check out some footage from the [...] Read on →

21 days ago

Being Human SyFy 4x12 House Hunting

Being Human Recap – 4×12 “House Hunting”

(photo: SyFy Network) More like “House Haunting”. With a terrifying little girl, a clown doll, suicide attempts, a raging Kenny and camera effects that may have done permanent damage to my eyes, this was by far the creepiest episode yet. As the roommates prepare to leave the house for good, Ramona decides to take things into [...] Read on →

22 days ago

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