The 10 types of Jon Snow hair

With all the crazy rumors flying around about Jon Snow’s resurrection and possible twin, it’s made us miss the man in black here at TeamTSD. While we hope that his character returns in the new season, we have to accept that his fate may indeed be death for good. As they say, “dead is dead.” […] Read on →

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Everything you need to know about ‘Teen Wolf’’s season 5B!

(Image credit:  The first half of Teen Wolf’s fifth season has barely finished airing that already news are trickling in (from The Hollywood Reporter, TVline, and Entertainment Weekly) about the second half! No one’s complaining, though—any details about 5B are precious and will be treated as such. Let’s start with the good news: we know […] Read on →



New ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ episode 2 trailer

image: AMC After a strong premiere episode of AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead, it looks like the second episode, “So Close, Yet So Far,” will be just as thrilling. From the episode’s promotional video, we can tell that the zombies are growing in numbers and chaos is starting to spread across the city. Travis looks […] Read on →

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Jodie Sweetin Panel: Wizard World Comic Con Chicago

It may not be supernatural, but everyone loves Full House. We moderated the Jodie Sweetin panel at Wizard World Comic Con Chicago this past weekend and talked Netflix’s Fuller House, her thoughts on the unauthorized Lifetime movie, and how she coped with rejection in Hollywood. Check out our full panel recap here, and be sure to look for clips posted […] Read on →

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Ian Somerhalder Panel: Wizard World Comic Con Chicago

Image source: We had the pleasure of moderating Ian Somerhalder’s panel at Wizard World Comic Con Chicago this past weekend, and let’s just say this: Yes, he’s really that handsome in person. Highlights from the panel include him calling his character from Lost, Boone, a little bitch; he prefers bad-boy Damon, and calling out Julie Plec […] Read on →

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‘Teen Wolf’ mythology: What is a Hellhound?

(Image credit: During Teen Wolf’s latest episode, one of the big revelations was putting a name on the kind of supernatural creature Jordan Parrish is: the Hellhound. The manifestations of his powers have so far included walking out unscathed (if slightly soot-y) of a sure-to-be-fatal fire, and hiding supernatural elements from the real world by transporting dead Chimeras to […] Read on →

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‘Teen Wolf’ music: 5×10 “Status Asthmaticus”

(Image credit: Finales are often too action-packed to include many musical cues, but this episode still had two. Find out which songs were used below! “Everything’s Not Gone” by Vancouver Sleep Clinic This song plays while Malia drives Stiles to the police station after his Jeep finally broke down, and reveales she knew about Donovan’s death. […] Read on →

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image: MTV

‘Teen Wolf’ 5×10 recap: Dead Man Walking

(Image: MTV)  Season 5, Episode 10, “Status Asthmaticus,” Aired Aug 24, 2015 Teen Wolf’s mid-season finale ended with many unresolved storylines and several cliffhangers, surprising exactly no one. … IS IT TIME FOR 5B ALREADY?

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10 Damon Salvatore GIFs guaranteed to make you drool

(Image credit: The CW) Hey, m’loves! You know how sometimes when you hang with your girls and you all have absolutely nothing to do but simply being in their company is enough. Well, next time, how about you snuggle up on the couch, pour a bottle of wine (or two), and get scrolling through this awesome […] Read on →

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Justin Lubin/AMC

25 thoughts I had while watching the premiere of ‘Fear the Walking Dead’

photo: Justin Lubin/AMC The long wait for AMC’s The Walking Dead companion series, Fear the Walking Dead, is now over. The pilot was so highly anticipated, 10.1 millions viewers tuned in, making it the number one rated cable series premiere ever. That’s a huge deal! The show, created by Robert Kirkman and David Erickson, certainly didn’t let […] Read on →

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The Best Dylan O’Brien GIFs

Image source: In honor of tonight’s mid-season finale, we decided to compile a list of amazing GIFs of Dylan O’Brien. Why, you ask? Because Dylan O’Brien is the coolest cat there is, and who doesn’t like looking at his smiling face? Look at how cute he is when he tries to hold in his […] Read on →

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First behind the scenes shot of ‘Teen Wolf’ season 5B!

(Image credit: You guys, today is a big, big, BIG day! Not only is it finally time for the midseason finale (!!), which promises to be insane, but it’s the first day of filming of the second half of the season! According to Teen Wolf Wikia, Jeff Davis doesn’t know exactly when 5B will premiere […] Read on →

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TeamTSD writers wanted! is currently looking for new writers. If you love supernatural/sci-fi TV and comics, have impeccable grammar, and someone other than yourself finds you funny, then we want you! TeamTSD contributors will create weekly posts on sci-fi pop culture. Creators of TeamTSD, Liz and Lindi, have gained the attention of Entertainment Weekly, Cambio, Wizard World conventions, […] Read on →

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NEW ‘Teen Wolf’ sneak peek for 5×10

(Image credit: Is it me, or did this week go by particularly fast as the mid-season finale approaches? Don’t get me wrong, I can’t wait to watch it but on the other hand, it will mean Teen Wolf is absent from my life for months on end, so I’m going to need to find other shows to […] Read on →

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‘Teen Wolf’ promo videos: 5×10: “Status Asthmaticus”

(Image credit: *Mikky Ekko plays in the background* It feels like the eeeeeeeend… Well, here we are: after 8 weeks of regularly scheduled Teen Wolf goodness, the mid-season finale is finally (almost) upon us. It’s kind of a special occasion, because it’s the first time in the show’s history that there’s such an episode. The only […] Read on →

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