Teen Wolf Perishable Scott

‘Teen Wolf’ recap: Poor unfortunate souls

(all photos: property Facebook.com/TeenWolf) Season 4, Episode 9, “Perished” Major developments in unveiling the identity of the Benefactor were made in this episode. In fact, I think we finally know who it is. Lydia and Stiles do some big time investigating when they find a coded message that Lydia’s grandmother left for her. Meanwhile, Scott, [...] Read on →

3 days ago


‘True Blood’ recap: Team Joyt shippers rejoice!

I am going to be brutally honest about this episode: it was disappointing. While I’m all for everyone having Sunday Funday at Merlotte’s and making the most of the shitty situation the world is in, I felt like it was a filler episode, and being that we only have ONE episode left in entire series, [...] Read on →

4 days ago

Teen Wolf 4x08 Time of Death

‘Teen Wolf’ recap: Visual confirmation is required

Season 4, Episode 8, “Time of Death” With the Benefactor still at large and threatening everyone on the Dead Pool list, Scott and the gang devise a plan to draw them out. It doesn’t go quite as planned, but this is Beacon Hills, so what did they expect. In this episode, “Time of Death”, Malia [...] Read on →

10 days ago


‘True Blood’ recap: Bill done lost his mind

Whoa, whoa, whoa … what just happened? I feel like the whole show just took a dramatic turn that revolves around Sookie and (to quote Pam) her fairy f*cking vagina. I’ll get into the dirty deets, but in this episode we saw Jessica and Jason make peace, Violet get a fast one pulled on her, [...] Read on →

11 days ago


‘True Blood’ recap: Newme’s gone nutty

True Blood is on it’s final episodes (tear!), and there are still a lot of questions that need to be answered: Will Bill die? Why is the Hep-V virus moving more quickly than normal to kill him? Will Eric and Pam find Sarah in time to harness her blood as the cure? Is Adilyn going [...] Read on →

12 days ago

Teen Wolf Lydia

5 times ‘Teen Wolf’ broke our hearts

While MTV’s Teen Wolf interjects a healthy dose of comedic relief into each episode, it sure knows how to pull on our heart strings. The show has dealt out some staggeringly powerful and emotional scenes over the last four seasons. In honor of Teen Wolf‘s ability to shatter my heart into a million pieces and send me to [...] Read on →

15 days ago


‘Teen Wolf’ Giveaway!

Are you ready to win a free Teen Wolf  tshirt? Of course you are. We are partnering with the amazing insticator.com to give away this awesome tshirt: Check out the different colors and sizes on rebubble.com. Let’s get right down to the dirty deets of how you can win: Starting today, August 4th, 2014, you can [...] Read on →

18 days ago


‘Teen Wolf’: Your ultimate guide to the creatures of Beacon Hills

While Teen Wolf is a show of epic brilliance from mastermind Jeff Davis, it’s a little hard at times to keep track of all the supernatural creatures on the show. In an effort to help everyone out, we’ve decided to put a guide together to help decipher one sexy supe from the next. And because we are that [...] Read on →

18 days ago


‘Teen Wolf’ recap: What’s that, Lassie? Liam fell down the well?

(all photos: property MTV Network)  Season 4, Episode 6, “Orphaned” With the Benefactor relentlessly sending his minions to slaughter the supernatural creatures of Beacon Hills, the fight is on to figure out who the man behind the curtain really is. In this episode, Kira is blatantly missing in action, Chris and Kate come face-to-face, Liam [...] Read on →

21 days ago


‘True Blood’ recap: Buddah’s got the cure

‘True Blood’ | Season 7 | Ep. 06 | Aired Jul 27, 2014 Well, f*ck. Just when we thought Sarah Newlin was going to get what was coming to her, she pulls out her ace card. She’s the hotdamned antidote. This could actually turn out in everyone’s favor, though. We’d be fine with her locked [...] Read on →

25 days ago

True Blood Return to Oz Bill and Sookie

‘True Blood’ recap: Who’s Cheatin’ Who

(photos: John P. Johnson/HBO Network) Season 7, Episode 5, “Lost Cause” Drama! Drama! Drama! This episode was packed full of betrayals, boozing and Eric and Pam looking 50 shades of fabulous in sequins and a bolo tie. Eric and Pam’s search for Sarah Newlin takes them to Dallas while Sookie is pretty much forced to [...] Read on →

31 days ago

Teen Wolf 4x04 The Benefactor Liam

‘Teen Wolf’ recap: Peter goes shirtless and Daddy A returns in style

(all photos property MTV Network) Season 4, Episode 4, “The Benefactor” The best parts of the episode were, as the title suggests, Peter being shirtless and Chris Argent making a badass return to Beacon Hills. Other happenings: Malia and Stiles being adorable, Derek and Sheriff Stilinski teaming up and Liam being, well… quite angry. Let’s get down [...] Read on →

32 days ago

True Blood Death is not the End Sookie and Eric

‘True Blood’ recap: Eric and Sookie for the win!

(all photos: Property of HBO) Season 7, Episode 4, “Death is Not the End” Now that’s what I’m talking about. “Death is Not the End” was by far the best episode of the season. I’m hoping that the rest of the episodes match this one in terms of writing quality, humor, emotion and lack of cheesiness. Way [...] Read on →

39 days ago

Teen Wolf Sean Wendigo

Teen Wolf: So what’s a Wendigo?

We’ve been introduced to yet another mythological creature in Beacon Hills: Wendigos (also spelled, Windigo). It’s unclear whether or not we’ll be seeing more of these creatures in season 4 of Teen Wolf, as [semi-spoiler alert] Wendigo-Sean has already been killed off. Wendigos are one of the more popular supernatural creatures that Jeff Davis has toyed with [...] Read on →

39 days ago

Teen Wolf 4x03 Muted

‘Teen Wolf’ recap: An axe murderer sheds blood in Beacon Hills

(all photos: property MTV) Season 4, Episode 3, “Muted” Let me first say, I can no longer watch Teen Wolf with the lights off. This show is f*cking terrifying. The episode opens with one of the creepiest things we’ve seen so far on the show – a pale, bald, axe-toting man without a mouth, brutally [...] Read on →

40 days ago

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