Best moments from the ‘Teen Wolf’ season 5 supertease

(Image credit:  A few weeks ago, before we knew, well, anything about season 5, MTV released a chilling trailer that made us worry about everyone. Fast-forward to this week and post-seeing the first two episodes (which a number of elements in the trailer came from) and we get a “supertease” for the remaining episodes. […] Read on →

3 days ago

‘Teen Wolf’ 5×02 recap: The Raven and the Wolf

(Image credit:  Season 5, Episode 2, “Parasomnia,” Aired June 30, 2015 Following a mind-blowing premiere, Parasomnia revealed a lot of information about new characters and the season’s main villains. Are you ready to relive it? Are you? Goddamn, Teen Wolf, I’d barely recovered from finding out Lydia had been institutionalized and all our faves […] Read on →

4 days ago

‘Teen Wolf’ music: 5×02, “Parasomnia”

(Image credit: Another week and … wait, nope, you’re not dreaming this is the second season 5 episode in two days. There were quite a few fantastic musical inclusions during “Parasomnia,” all detailed below! 1. “Last Days of Dancing” by Maja Francis Did the scene where Scott enters the high school on the first day […] Read on →

4 days ago

‘Teen Wolf': Best moments from 5×01 “Creatures of the Night”

(Image credit:  Season 5, Episode 1, “Creatures of the Night,” Aired June 29, 2015 After months (months and months and months, forming a seemingly never-ending hiatus) of waiting, Teen Wolf finally returns to our screens and it couldn’t have started with a better episode. When the first minute of the cold open features one pretend-catatonic banshee, sordid […] Read on →

5 days ago

‘Teen Wolf’ music: 5×01 “Creatures of the Night”

(Image credit:  It’s finally time for some new Teen Wolf music, guys! Here are all the songs heard in the season 5 premiere, “Creatures of the Night,” listen and enjoy. 1. “Firestone” by Kygo (featuring Conrad Sewell) Senior year means picking colleges and Stiles is on top of housing arrangements. In fact, never mind having a plan, Stiles has […] Read on →

5 days ago


Watch the new ‘Teen Wolf’ season 5 title opening!

MTV has released the newly updated title sequence for Teen Wolf season 5, which kicks off with a two-part premiere on June 29 and 30. Noticeably absent from the intro: Tyler Hoechlin. This shouldn’t come as a shock as most fans are aware by now that Derek will not be a recurring character on the […] Read on →

10 days ago

‘Teen Wolf': New details about season 5 episodes and villains

(Image credit: With less than a week to go till Teen Wolf’s new season premieres on June 29th, more details about the upcoming episodes have come to light. Or maybe “light” is the wrong term considering how dark this season already looks… (Seriously, have you seen that cold open?!) Nightmares, and shape shifters, and […] Read on →

12 days ago

ray arsenal cate cameron

‘Arrow’s’ Arsenal: Five reasons we’ll miss this scarecrow most

(Image credit: Cate Cameron/The CW) Starling City lost one of its superheroes at the end of Season 3. Roy Harper, aka Arsenal, left to start over somewhere else as someone else. He left believing that the love of his life is dead. Fortunately, while Ollie and Felicity were literally driving off into the sunset, Thea […] Read on →

12 days ago

Image credit: Quantrell Colbert/The CW

‘The Originals': 5 top fashion moments from season 2

(Image credit: Quantrell Colbert/The CW) Hey m’loves! Since we are on HELL-atus for The Originals, I thought I’d be kind and throw together five top fashion moments from season two. I hope that was a “hell yeah” I just heard, yes? Let’s refresh our memories of the previous season by checking out the gorge clothing that […] Read on →

17 days ago


‘Teen Wolf’ first look at 5×01: ‘Creatures of the Night’ cold open

(Image credit: As a “Moonday” treat, MTV released the first 6 minutes of the season 5 premiere. Oh, to hear the dulcet blood-curdling tones of one Lydia Martin again! Math prodigy by day, banshee extraordinaire by night … or rather during a mandatory stay at Eichen House?! If you were confused about Season 5 […] Read on →

19 days ago

Vampire Diaries -- "I'll Wed You in The Golden Summertime" -- Image Number: VD621a_0178.jpg -- Pictured: Nina Dobrev as Elena -- Photo: /The CW -- © 2015 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

‘The Vampire Diaries': 5 top fashion moments from season 6

(Image credit: The CW) Not only did season 6 of The Vampire Diaries bring intense major plot twists, new characters, and plenty of sob-fests, it also brought enviable fashion to our attention. From Elena, to Bonnie, to Caroline, and even Damon, their fashion game was so on point. So much so, I decided to bring to […] Read on →

25 days ago


Best moments from ‘Game of Thrones’ 5×09: “The Dance of Dragons”

images: HBO Season 5, Episode 9, “The Dance of Dragons,” Aired June 7, 2015 What the actual #$%*? Like we said last week—this story is a song of ice and fire. What better way to follow up the epic White Walker battle scene from last week than with a dragon/fire/Russell Crowe-themed ending to this week’s […] Read on →

27 days ago

The CW

Top 5 moments from ‘The Originals’ season 2

(Image credit: Quantrell Colbert/The CW) Hey, m’loves! It’s been a few weeks now since the last airing of an The Originals episode, and quite frankly, it’s been HELLISH. How have you been coping? Sobbing while eating junk food and hanging out with your BFF, Netflix? OK, maybe that’s just me then … Well, whatever you […] Read on →

27 days ago

Teeny, tiny spoilers from ‘Teen Wolf’ season 5

(Image credit:  Even rarer than humans in Beacon Hills, are details about the upcoming season of MTV’s Teen Wolf. Despite an hour-long panel, a villain teaser, new character information, and an actual trailer, I’d be hard pressed to define what Teen Wolf’s Season five is going to be about. Terrifying doctors? Lydia going insane in Eichen […] Read on →

27 days ago

Game of Thrones/HBO

‘Game of Thrones’ best moments: 5×08 “Hardhome”

(Image: HBO) Season 5, Episode 8, “Hardhome”, Aired May 31, 2015 Everyone on social media is going crazy over Game of Thrones‘ most recent episode, “Hardhome,” with many hailing it as the best episode in series history. Whether it’s the best episode is debatable (hey, there has been a lot of awesomeness over the last five seasons), […] Read on →

33 days ago

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