Walker Stalker Interview: (Genius) Greg Nicotero

Walker Stalker doesn’t get much better than interviewing our personal idol and TV/Hollywood legend, Greg Nicotero (executive producer/director/makeup and effects specialist The Walking Dead). At the Walker Stalker Convention in Atlanta this past weekend, we were able to chat with Nicotero fresh off his main stage panel at the con. Nicotero talked to us about that kick ass season [...] Read on →

2 days ago

Gene Page/AMC

‘The Walking Dead’ recap: Mmm… tastes like chicken

(all photos: Gene Page/AMC) Episode 2, Season 5, “Strangers”, Aired Oct 19, 2014 The second episode of The Walking Dead season five wasn’t as action-packed as the premiere, but it was equally amazing. Mostly due to the fact that we got to meet Father Gabriel Stokes (Seth Gilliam of Teen Wolf, The Wire) whose character’s story line [...] Read on →

3 days ago


‘The Vampire Diaries’ : Best moments from “Welcome to Paradise”

OMFG … what an episode. We couldn’t begin to tell you how thrilled we are that The Vampire Diaries has upped their game and gone back to basics in season 6. At the Walker Stalker Con in Atlanta this past weekend, Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder shared how the writer’s went for this exact feel. Way to go, [...] Read on →

4 days ago

Walker Stalker Con 2014: Ian Somerhalder & Paul Wesley Panel

While The Walking Dead has quite possibly the largest TV fandom, The Vampire Diaries is a close rival. As some of you know, The Vampire Diaries was actually the show that inspired TeamTSD, and catapulted So obviously we were thrilled to attend Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley’s main stage panel at the Walker Stalker [...] Read on →

5 days ago

Bob and Dena Somerhalder

Somerhalder Secrets: The new app you need right now!

(photo cred: LP2 Entertainment, LLC/TeamTSD) We had the pleasure of catching up with Bob and Dena Somerhalder at their Built of Barnwood booth during the Walker Stalker Con in Atlanta to get all the scoop on the Somerhalder family’s brand new app, Somerhalder Secrets – Raised on the Bayou.   The family has created a fun interactive strategy [...] Read on →

5 days ago

Walker Stalker ATL: Andrew Lincoln & Norman Reedus Q&A (Swoon!)

You don’t need us to tell you that Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus play the best, most badass bromance on TV: Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon on AMC’s hit show (and TV’s number one cable show!) on The Walking Dead. We had the pleasure of attending their Walker Stalker Atlanta Convention main stage event, where [...] Read on →

6 days ago

photo cred: LP2 Entertainment, LLC (TeamTSD)

Walker Stalker Con 2014: Greg Nicotero Q&A recap

(photo cred: LP2Entertainment, LLC/TeamTSD) In addition to our personal interview with Greg Nicotero, we were able to watch is main stage Q&A panel at Walker Stalker Con in Atlanta (2014). Nicotero wears many hats on AMC’s smash hit, The Walking Dead. He plays the part of executive producer, director and head of special effects and [...] Read on →

6 days ago

5 shows you should be watching instead of worrying about ebola

We get it, the whole “ebola” scare is making those Walking Dead episodes and I am Legend showings on TBS seem less on-trend with the whole apocalyptic craze, and more “OMFG.” In reality, you’re more likely to get hit by a bus than catch ebola at this point (seriously, we think we heard Brian Williams [...] Read on →

One week ago

TeamTSD bloggers wanted!

TeamTSD is looking for a handful of bloggers to contribute regular SciFi/Supernatural TV show recaps and other fun articles for If you think you’ve got the wit, the sass, the passion, and the ability to form grammatically correct sentences, WE WANT YOU! Blogger duties: Write awesome shit about the shows you love on a [...] Read on →

10 days ago


‘The Walking Dead’ season 5 premiere: Carol saves the day and [spoiler] makes a shocking appearance

(all photos: Gene Page/AMC) Episode 1, Season 5, “No Sanctuary” , Aired Oct 12, 2014 The best show on the face of the planet is back! The Walking Dead pretty much just mic-dropped the whole television industry with last night’s season five premiere. This episode had all the suspense, gore, emotion and action we could have ever [...] Read on →

11 days ago

The Vampire Diaries 6x02 Stefan and Enzo

‘The Vampire Diaries’ recap: Reality check, Stefan – You’re a shitty brother

Season 6, Episode 2, “Yellow Ledbetter”, Aired Oct 9, 2014 One word: Enzo. This episode was pretty bad ass, mostly due in part to Enzo mic-dropping Stefan and snapping Ivy’s neck. Favorite new character alert! In the second episode of the season, “Yellow Ledbetter”, Caroline and Enzo travel to Savannah to confront Stefan, Alaric helps Elena [...] Read on →

14 days ago

Buffy Season 7

‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ series finale reaction

Hello, Lindi here. I’ve been sobbing hysterically for the past thirty minutes and my eyes feel like they’re on f*cking fire and I’m not sure I can go on with my life and I’m so empty inside. This was “watching Rose and the tenth Doctor say goodbye” level crying. Why, you ask? Because Liz told me [...] Read on →

14 days ago


‘The Originals’ season 2 premiere: Top moments

The Originals | 2×01 “Rebirth | Aired October 6, 2014 Yeah – that just happened. What a whirlwind of a premiere for The Originals. We were so happy for it to come back for a second season. It gives us feels that TVD did back in season three. (Ah, remember the days?) In the season two [...] Read on →

15 days ago


‘The Originals’ season 2 poster: A breakdown

You’ve heard our thoughts on The Vampire Diaries promo poster for season 6, and with the recent release of the season 2 promo poster of The Originals, we have to voice our opinions. Firstly, this poster is straight up classy and boss. If Plec and Co. do one thing right, it’s their promotional pieces. Remember [...] Read on →

18 days ago

TVD I'll Remember Caroline Forbes

‘The Vampire Diaries’ fashion: Caroline and Elena’s season 6 premiere wardrobe

The Vampire Diaries has finally returned, and that means so has Elena and Caroline’s impeccable sense of style. We’re telling you where you can find the clothes seen on these two fashionistas from episode 6×01, “I’ll Remember”. Let’s roll out the red carpet. Elena’s denim Diesel dress & Caroline’s Eight Sixty Pineapple dress Just because [...] Read on →

21 days ago

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