The 2015 Fangs Out Awards are here!

In light of the Emmy nominations being recently announced, we here at TeamTSD decided to create our own awards celebrating sci-fi/fantasy TV. It’s time to let your fandom flag fly! Place your votes for the 2015 Fangs Out Awards and share with your fandom using #FangsOutAwards. May the best fandom/man/woman/vampire/werewolf/time-traveler win. Listen to Liz and Lindi of […] Read on →

3 days ago


‘Teen Wolf’ 5×06 recap: Secrets and Lies

(Image credit: mtv.com)  Season 5, Episode 6, “Required Reading”, Aired July 27, 2015 So, let me get this straight. Dr. Valack, an Eichen House long-term resident who has a third eye and a permanent hole in his skull (so clearly an entirely reliable individual), wrote a book about the villains currently afflicting Beacon Hills. His […] Read on →

3 days ago


‘Teen Wolf’ music: 5×06 “Required Reading”

(Image credit: mtv.com)  Sinema made an appearance again in this week’s Teen Wolf episode, meaning more songs to dance to! Take a look below at what played during “Required Reading” and sing along listen as you read! “Ghost Dance” by The Bright Light Social Hour Song playing when Theo works out. The more Malia/Theo scenes there are, […] Read on →

3 days ago

Image credit: The CW

‘The Vampire Diaries': Which bromance is your favorite?

(Image credit: The CW) Hey m’loves!  Since having our The Vampire Diaries cravings curbed from San Diego Comic Con, I thought you all might be feeling those withdrawals creeping back again. If so, look no further than here. Need a great way to get over those blues? Let’s discuss which TVD lads have the best bromance! 1. Damon and Stefan OK, maybe this […] Read on →

4 days ago


‘Teen Wolf’ 5×05 recap: Asylum

(Image credit: mtv.com) Season 5, Episode 5, “A Novel Approach”, Aired July 20, 2015 “Last week on American Horror Story …” oh wait, wrong show. Or is it?! Ever since Teen Wolf introduced Eichen House to the world of Beacon Hills, the show has verged on ever-increasing horror that sometimes rivals AHS’s best (and creepiest) moments. “A Novel Approach”, […] Read on →

8 days ago


‘Teen Wolf’ music: 5×05 “A Novel Approach”

(Image credit: mtv.com) Tense episodes often means fewer songs and “A Novel Approach” was no exception. That’s not to say the songs didn’t make for impactful moments, though. Listen to them again below and enjoy! 1. “Eyes Closed” by Hermitude This song plays during the part where Malia and Theo are driving and things go […] Read on →

8 days ago

Entertainment Weekly

Highlights from the ‘Teen Wolf’ cast during SDCC 2015

(Image credit: Entertainment Weekly)  It’s that time of the year again! Or it was a week ago, anyway. San Diego Comic Con once again brought together huge crowds of enthusiastic fans and Teen Wolf came back for the 6th (yes, SIXTH!) time. Official cons are the place to make big announcements, tease the upcoming season […] Read on →

13 days ago


‘Teen Wolf’ 5×04 recap: Death, Dread, and Deception

(Image credit: mtv.com)  Season 5, Episode 4, “Condition Terminal”, Aired July 13, 2015 According to past seasons and also math, the fourth episode of a 10-episode-long season is the beginning of the second act. The first three episodes introduced new characters, new villains, and new storylines, nicely setting up the season. Of course, sometimes the […] Read on →

15 days ago


‘Teen Wolf’ music: 5×04 “Condition Terminal”

(Image credit: MTV.com)  When a Teen Wolf episode features club scenes, you know you’re going to get some excellent music out of it and “Condition Terminal” did not disappoint! Also, you’ll notice the presence of DallasK, who was the featured artist during this episode. 1. “Til My Heart Stops” by Too Far Moon  “Til My Heart […] Read on →

16 days ago


‘The Vampire Diaries’ sizzle reel at SDCC 2015

(Image credit: Tumblr.com) In case you haven’t seen this already, get ready to smile, cry, and then laugh out loud at The Vampire Diaries sizzle reel that was showcased at the weekend during San Diego Comic Con. The best part? Chris Wood, duh! You can thank Chris (Kai) for being a complete, comedic genius while […] Read on →

17 days ago


‘The Vampire Diaries’ SDCC Panel: What to expect in season 7

(Image Credit: ALBERT L. ORTEGA/GETTY IMAGES via variety.com) Hey, TVD fam! With Season 6 of The Vampire Diaries now well and truly wrapped, thoughts gather to what is going to happen in Season 7. Yes, I’m talking about the main question: how on Earth is the show going to carry on without Elena Gilbert? We’re all […] Read on →

17 days ago


A ‘The Vampire Diaries’/’Supernatural’ cross-over?

(Image credit: Twitter via @jarpad ) Okay, I think I may just have died or at least just had a mini heart attack after scrolling through Twitter (and getting mentioned by a bestie), to see that Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley, Jared Padalecki, and Jensen Ackles WERE HANGING OUT TOGETHER. The best part is there is actually photographic […] Read on →

17 days ago


‘Teen Wolf’ SDCC trailer: Still to come in season 5

You now that trailer we tweeted about live from the Teen Wolf panel at San Diego Comic Con? Remember how we said it was f*cking terrifying? Well, now you can watch it for yourself and hyperventilate just like we did. The Dread Doctors aren’t going anywhere any time soon, and it looks like Scott and Kira’s […] Read on →

19 days ago


‘Teen Wolf’ 5×03 recap: Return of the Kanima

(Image credit: mtv.com) Season 5, Episode 3, “Dreamcatchers”, Aired July 6, 2015 With a TV episode from a favorite show, much like with books or movies or really anything you’re even remotely interested in, you can tell how much you’ve liked it by your desire to immediately watch it again and again and again … or, […] Read on →

23 days ago


‘Teen Wolf’ music: 5×03, “Dreamcatchers”

(Image credit: mtv.com)  “Dreamcatchers” was a little lighter on song-usage than the past two episodes but the musical cues were on point.   1. “Set it Off” by Life In Film Since Malia wrecked havock during Driver’s Ed last week, much to Mr. Yukimura’s dismay, Lydia and Kira took it upon themselves to help her progress. The song playing […] Read on →

23 days ago

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